Best Speakers For Mac

Bluetooth Speaker For MacHave you recently purchased a new Apple Macintosh computer? Your ears deserve the best Mac computer speakers you can find. Regardless if you’re shopping for compact, portable USB speakers for Macbook travel — or a full range, high-powered 2.1 sub-woofer system for Mac gaming and rocking iTunes at your desktop — the choices on the market can seem overwhelming.

With AC power available at home, you can really crank up the music with a great sounding set of  high quality desktop computer speakers. Especially look for speaker designs that have easy access front-mounted volume, and ideally treble and bass controls. If you’re an Apple iOS handheld gadget owner, many Mac-friendly speaker systems now feature a built-in dock connector for Apple iPads or iPhone sync and charging as well. Many wireless Bluetooth computer speakers also have built-in microphones to handle iPhone calls hand-free, or can remember pairing setups with multiple Macs and iOS devices.

For great sounding audio while you roam, there are a few options: Rechargeable and battery-powered portable audio systems. These may be analog or Bluetooth portable loudspeaker systems, or convenient USB powered speakers that deliver both pure digital stereo and power over a single USB cable. With USB powered speakers, choose well-known quality brand-names brands with sensitive, well-engineered driver cones to get the most volume from the limited 5 volts of power that a Macintosh USB port can provide.

Whether at home or on the go, there are a great sounding audio product that can please both your ears and wallet. Upgrade from the often tinny, and under-sized built-in MacBook or Mac desktop internal speakers – and hear what you’ve been missing.


Black Magic Design’s the UltraStudio 3D is the ultimate HD Thunderbolt Video Editing Device

This new video device from BlackMagic design is essentially a 3D card for Thunderbolt Macs. Its capable of handling uncompressed video input and output through Thunderbolt. With this portable Thunderbolt based playback and capture device one may send and edit HD video directly on a monitor. Due to Thunderbolt’s high-bandwidth, the UltraStudio 3D is delivers full-resolution 3D, dual link 3 GBps SDI  and HDMI formats. 

Plugging the UltraStudio 3D into a Mac allows for the capture and playback of full resolution videos. This device features 12 bit hardware engineering to ensure deliver high definition functionality. With its compact size, one may use Thunderbolt technology anywhere for video editing. Thunderbolt video accessories are the future of HD video editing with Apple.

The UltraStudio 3D delivers ultimate connectivity for high def video capture. Its designed with dual link HD-SDI, component analog and HDMI 1.4a connections. Its even comes with complete HD, SD and 2K support. The BlackMagic design Ultra Studio 3D is a new variation of 3D video capture and playback interface. Unlike previous 3D expansion cards, which required a full-sized desktop to function, these new Thunderbolt video devices only requiring a Thunderbolt computer for editing HD anywhere.

LaCie Little Big Disk External Thunderbolt™ Hard Drive now Shipping

The long awaited release of a portable Thunderbolt HD has finally taken place with the introduction of the Little Big Disk Thunderbolt Series. These have been among the most desired of Thunderbolt accessories since its unveiling in early spring of 2011. LaCie announced plans of a portable Tbolt drive soon after, however enthusiasts were a little disappointed when these products did not immediately hit the market.

External Hard Disks utilizing the high-speed I/O of Intel Thunderbolt accessories are currently the most abundant devices to employ this new technology. With up to 10 GB/s transfer, Thunderbolt fiber channels are ideal for moving mass amounts of data in little time. Startup disk backups, transferring HD video, and mass data storage takes a fraction of the time with Intel Thunderbolt as it would with USB, FireWire, or eSATA.

Like all Thunderbolt peripherals, the latest Little Big Disk features dual Tbolt ports to daisy change multiple Thunderbolt accessories. It may be used in conjunction with other external Tbolt drives, or connected to a display. Along with a corrugated exterior (to increase surface area), the drive even offers its own cooling system to ensure hours of operation. Unlike other high-speed external hard drives with Thunderbolt, the LaCie Little Big Disk is compact and ultra-portable. As with most of their gear, the external disk comes in a durable aluminum enclosure.


LaCie Little Big Disk External Thunderbolt Disk Enclosure

The LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt Series comes in 3 different models. Two of which feature convention hard disks, while the other offers optional SSDs. The drives are configured in RAID0, and offer differing high speed I/O depending on the drive type. The standard model features read speed up to 190 MBps, while the SSD model can perform at up to 480 MBps. The SSD model unfortunately multiplies both the read/write speed and the cost. Daisy chaining multiple external Thunderbolt drives can result in higher transfer rates (that is more data being stored in less time). This happens because the speed of the Thunderbolt port still exceeds that of the drives themselves.

It’s not quite to the point of calling this device an affordable Thunderbolt peripheral, but LaCie’s introduction into the market of Thunderbolt computer accessories is a serious step forward in the development of this relatively new high speed interface. The Little Big Disk with Thunderbolt still starts out around $600, but this is a far cry from a Thunderbolt RAID array (while still offering the same high speed data transfers).

More About Intel Core i5 Processors in Certain Apple Computers

To some, it seems like only yesterday since Apple made Intel Core Processors standard in their laptops and desktops. Up until very recently, that was about the greatest change that had taken place for their computers’ CPU capabilities. The addition of new Intel i7 and i5 processors symbolizes the next plateau of performance for these machines. While these CPUs may not feature the muscle of some high end Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors, the low-power consumption and intuitive use of CPU make them ideal for laptops and smaller desktop computers.

The first Intel Core i5 processor was released in 2009. This processor functionality lies somewhere between the less powerful Core 2 and the powerful Core i7 lineup. While being less powerful for essential computer functions, these processors come with integrated Turbo Boost technology to over-clock CPU speed when using processor-intensive applications. The initial Core i5 processor released in September of 2009 featured a Quad-Core 2.66 GHz processor and supported use of dual-channel DDR3 RAM. This same processor was used in other Intel models (the Core i7-8xx and the Xeon 3400 processors), however featuring different clock speeds and chipsets. Unfortunately for users of the initial i5 Core processor, hyper-threading was disabled on this model.

These Intel Core i5 processors found their way into mobile devices in 2010 (along with a few clock frequency and chipset augmentations). Along with the release of the mobile Core i5 came an update to the existing desktop version (the Core i5-6xx). Unlike its predecessor, this model featured hyper-threading, however only a 4 MB L3 cache.

13-Inch MacBook Pro with Intel Core i5 2.3 GHz Processor

It was not until the following year (2011) that the Core i5 series received its next major update. These new CPUs featured Quad-Core architecture, as well as an updated DMI bus (now functioning at 5 GT/s). While these processors feature low-voltage operation, they too lacked hyper-threading capabilities (except for the Core i5-2390T model). Like the previous rendition of the Core i5 brand, these processors offer an integrated Intel graphics processor unit, permitting use of the CPU as both a processor and GPU.

Apple soon incorporated the Quad-Core “Sandy Bridge” i5 processors into their iMac and MacBook Pro lineups (the MacBook Air and Mac Mini only feature dual-core versions of these CPU, with the exception of the Mac Mini server setup). These machines come with a few CPU clock frequency variations (up to Quad-Core 3.1 GHz with the iMac, and a Dual-Core 2.3 with the low-end MacBook Pro), but Intel Turbo Boost technology permits clock rates up to 3.6 GHz.

The MacBook Air recently received a much needed update (in correspondence to the launch of OS X Lion)

This variation of the popular MacBook Air series finally delivers functionality and some degree of CPU to the slightly underpowered MacBook Air computer lineup. Until recently, these lightweight laptops lacked the features of less portable models. While these computers are as of yet to to have the capacity of a desktop machine, the lineup now sports its own class of benefits. New Intel dual core processors, flash storage made standard, and integrate Intel HD graphics all contribute to the MacBook being a versatile laptop (that still fits in an envelope).


(This time) Apple decided to deliver some of the functionality of their standard computer lineup to the MacBook Air series. Admittedly, the Intel i5 and i7 processors only range form 1.6-1.8 GHz dual core performance, but these computers still offer 5-7 hours of battery life. The integrate Intel HD 3000 Graphics offer 256 to 384 MB of 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM (shared with the onboard 2 or 4 GB memory) for high definition movies and some games. Most incredibly, Apple now manufactures the MacBook Air with integrated flash storage. These laptops rely on high-speed flash memory (integrated directly to the motherboard) to function as the startup disc and storage drive. This flash storage ranges from 64 to 256 GB and provides all the functionality of a SSD or and conventional hard disk. 



11.6-Inch MacBook Air Light Weight Laptop – Now Shipping with FaceTime and Intel Thunderbolt


Like the MacBook Pro series, the Air’s also received an updated FaceTIme camera and a increase in screen resolution capabilities (now supporting up to 2560 by 1600 pixels on and external display). This coincides with the additional of a single Intel Thunderbolt port to each of the MacBook air models; granting each of these ultra-portable laptops access to high-speed data transfers and Mini DisplayPort monitors. It might now be the power-packed MacBook Pro, but the MacBook air now sports its own line of attributes to make it an extremely functional ultra-light laptop.

USB 2.0 portable DVD with LightScribe for Mac

LaCie introduced this portable LightScribe drive for Mac with the idea of it fitting in laptop cases and other small bags. Its come with a lightweight and mobile design, while still delivering silk-screen quality labels for CDs and DVDs. Not only is it intended as external light scribe for mac, the drive delivers 8x DVD RW burning capabilities to any USB 2.0 computer.

 LaCie USB 2.0 Portable LightScribe DVD RW Drive for Mac

The portable drive function on USB bus power; meaning only one USB cable is necessary for powering and running the external LightScribe optical drive. Surprisingly, you can not only read and write to CDs or DVDs, but utilize the entire disc label engraving capabilities, all through USB 2.0.

Verbatim 16x Color DVD+R 25 Disc Spindle

It comes with LightScribe disc labeling software as well as a copy of Roxio Toast 9. Organize and backup data with the convenience of Toast 9. Put a custom label on a photo, video, data, or music disc wherever you go. With easy the use software interface, include photos of wherever you are within custom disc labels.

Apple iMacs receive performance and Intel Thunderbolt upgrade

Again a little late in commenting on the recent update, it looks like Apple successfully integrated the Thunderbolt interface into two of their computer lineups. This update was released shortly after the MacBook Pro upgrade, and offer the same HD FaceTime camera, Quad-core chips, and ultra high speed I/O Thunderbolt.



Apple iMacs each receive Quad-core Processors and Intel Thunderbolt


Apple held nothing back for all models of the iMac, now each features built-in Thunderbolt and quad core processors. The models now come in 21.5 and 27 inch variants. Ranging from $1200 to $2000, every new iMac packs enough power for pictures, HD movies, and large games. 


The iMac has always been intended as an “all-in-one” machine. The addition of Thunderbolt and powerful new quad-core processors give the iMac the necessary power for home studio implementation, of heavy gaming use. The iMacs either feature Quad-core Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, sufficient CPU for any home media purpose, or as a studio computer.


27 in. iMac with two Thunderbolt Ports


The AMD Radeon HD 6750M graphics processor features 512 MB of GDDR5 memory (1 GB in the higher-end model). Enough for editing HD video, graphics for modern games, or complex visual simulations. This graphics processors deliver 3x the performance of the previous generation of iMacs (not to mention other PCs).


The new HD FaceTime cameras deliver widescreen resolution for both iMac models. Unlike previously, Mac users do not have to compromise video quality for portability with the built in webcam. Apple in setting the standard for high resolution built-in webcams with the latest variant of their isight cameras. This HD video camera deliver up to 720p resolution for video calls (supported on intel-based Macs, and new iPad and iPhones).


21.5 in. iMac with single Intel Thunderbolt port


Every iMac comes stock with Thunderbolt connectivity. The 21.5 inch model features a single port, while the 27″ sports two Thunderbolt connections. The proper Thunderbolt peripherals are still in development, but this should mean high-speed data transfer for a number of external devices.


The iMac has been a great personal computer since its introduction in the nineties. It’s nice to see their lineup receive the proper changes to stay up to date with modern technology. With its upgraded processor, and Thunderbolt connectivity this recent update give the iMac every thing it needs to power a home studio, run powerful games, or display HD media.