Printing custom disc labels has become easy. While past generations would have to pay for high cost printing, put up with strenuous press on models, or sharpie their own labels in; today’s computer users can simply etch custom grayscale disc images in the same way they burn discs. With a LightScribe burner for Mac or PC you may easily burn permanent disc labels consisting of graphics and text.

A LightScribe external burner gives you the capability to easy produce printed labels on specifically coated discs. These unique discs are covered with photo-reactive material that changes color in the presence of the intense light (however not under household or everyday conditions). When the device etches a label, the laser permanently engraves a custom pattern into the disc. This pattern has been proven to last at least two years prior to fading.

External LightScribe Optical Drive

USB and FireWire LightScribe burner for Mac

LaCie DVD and CD Lightscribe USB 2.0 and FireWire External Disc Drive

External LightScribe drives come in two connection formats: FireWire and USB 2.0 (some feature both). This allows most Macs to easily connect and communicate with the device. Unfortunately, not every LightScribe drive has been designed to function OSX. Luckily, there are a large number of companies that released suitable products.

LightScribe labels provide for laser precision. Since its produced via the effects of a highly focused laser, LightScribe engraving allows the production of minute detail for graphics and text in any label. It may not provide color, but there exist 5 colors of CD and DVD to compensate.

LightScribe lets you seamlessly create custom disk labels without any of the hassle of toner of stick labels. Unlike adhesive labels, LightScribe media does not run the risk of becoming lodged, or making odd noises well within slot loading drives of Mac or PC.

Software is necessary for operation of a LightScribe for Mac. Usually if you obtain an external LightScribe burner it will come packed with the necessary device drivers and user interface to design and print labels. This software lets you precisely combine images and text  however you feel like arranging for custom disc graphics.