Interested in creating your own mac recording studio; trying to record you own music or podcast? With the proper Mac recording accessories and Apple music recording software, audio production can be as easy as conventional methods.

In the past, digital has been seen as a step down from other methods (tape and LP). Until recently, little had been done to combat this (and many home studio owners found their audio quality a little lacking). Luckily, recent innovations have enabled high quality noiseless preamps to be added to many digital audio interfaces. Along with this, bit-rate has reached a quality to compare with alternate methods or recording. While it might not be quarter inch tape, the headroom of digital audio can provide some stellar results.

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone
Blue Yeti USB compatible Mic

Blue Microphones Yeti – Easiest way to begin recording high quality USB audio

Plug n Play Studio Quality USB Condenser Mic for Mac and PC

If your interested in recording gear for Mac it will take a little research to get acquainted with the proper set-ups. Largely, take into account what you will be recording, what you would like to record, and how much you are willing to spend. Different studio setups will require different mac compatible recording equipment, but there is a fairly large amount of ambiguity in the use of different gear (such as mics and cables). If you are only looking to record voice, single instruments or podcasts, you may settle for a small setup. However, a larger band will require a greater number of tracks and recording gadgets to capture (hence a different set up).

If you wish to create studio quality recordings with Mac, it does not take a Phd. Really, it just takes some the best home recording equipment for Mac, some music recording software, and a little “how to”, and you can be own your way to producing your own home tracks.