Its already the beginning of April, and soon all the wonderful camping site across America will be bustling with tourists. Its easy to get discouraged when interested in taking a camping trip; both by the lack of amenities, and by the amount and prices of camping gear. But rest assured there are many opportunities that make camping much more affordable for anyone.

Tents are not always just tents. Even though they all say tent on the box, some tents last longer, are easier to put up, and more manageable to carry than others. Why waste money on a starter ten, when you could get a reliable one for an affordable price to begin with. Its simply a matter of determining what you want out of a tent, and going on from there. Many companies offer affordable tents that will provide years of use.


Coleman SunDome t 3-Person Tent – Good tent for a Great price

Cooking around the campsite can be as easy as cooking at home. With either a portable stove, or the right campfire worthy cookware, you can be preparing cooked means in no time. Some camp-ware even is worthy of kitchen use. In fact, cast iron cookware, which is more than durable enough for any campfire, will also make any excellent addition to any kitchen (as well as flavor).

Camping only has to be an expensive thing if you want it be. It is still very easy to go on a wilderness endeavor (long or short) without having to invest a large amount of capital. If your looking for a cheap vacation, or are a serious hiker/camper getting good deals on camping gear is always a plus