If your looking for well recommended micro hi-fi component systems for home or computer audio, the Sony CMTBX20i is an excellent choice. This micro hifi system delivers quality playback for movies, music, or radio programs. It includes not only AM/FM and CD player capabilities, but aux-in (for laptops or tv) and iPod docking support. These high quality PC speakers are not too loud to disturb the neighbors, but not too quiet that you would ever want to return them.

The CD tray is one of the best features. It plays factory and burned CDs, but more importantly offers MP3 disc playback (even with ID3 tag support). Despite only having one CD tray, I’ve never encountered an audio disc incompatible with the micro HiFi stereo.


Sony CMTBX20i Micro Hi-Fi Shelf System

Even if you do lose the remote, all the device’s operational features are placed on top. Its essentially three boxes (four if you don’t lose the remote), but despite being blocky and a tad boring on the outside the Sony Micro Hi-Fi system offers incredible audio quality. Enough volume for a group of people, but consistent playback for quiet use as well. One of the best desktop speakers for office or small to medium room. The clean audio remain distortion and clipping free even near top volume.

These are some of the best studio quality desktop speakers without going to a pair of studio reference monitors. The micro Hi-Fi shelf system lacks a subwoofer, but its micro component speakers deliver more compensating with high quality frequency response. If your into heavily bass driven music, this is probably not the system for you, but otherwise its a great 2 speaker unit.