This new video device from BlackMagic design is essentially a 3D card for Thunderbolt Macs. Its capable of handling uncompressed video input and output through Thunderbolt. With this portable Thunderbolt based playback and capture device one may send and edit HD video directly on a monitor. Due to Thunderbolt’s high-bandwidth, the UltraStudio 3D is delivers full-resolution 3D, dual link 3 GBps SDI  and HDMI formats. 

Plugging the UltraStudio 3D into a Mac allows for the capture and playback of full resolution videos. This device features 12 bit hardware engineering to ensure deliver high definition functionality. With its compact size, one may use Thunderbolt technology anywhere for video editing. Thunderbolt video accessories are the future of HD video editing with Apple.

The UltraStudio 3D delivers ultimate connectivity for high def video capture. Its designed with dual link HD-SDI, component analog and HDMI 1.4a connections. Its even comes with complete HD, SD and 2K support. The BlackMagic design Ultra Studio 3D is a new variation of 3D video capture and playback interface. Unlike previous 3D expansion cards, which required a full-sized desktop to function, these new Thunderbolt video devices only requiring a Thunderbolt computer for editing HD anywhere.