Bluetooth Speaker For MacHave you recently purchased a new Apple Macintosh computer? Your ears deserve the best Mac computer speakers you can find. Regardless if you’re shopping for compact, portable USB speakers for Macbook travel — or a full range, high-powered 2.1 sub-woofer system for Mac gaming and rocking iTunes at your desktop — the choices on the market can seem overwhelming.

With AC power available at home, you can really crank up the music with a great sounding set of  high quality desktop computer speakers. Especially look for speaker designs that have easy access front-mounted volume, and ideally treble and bass controls. If you’re an Apple iOS handheld gadget owner, many Mac-friendly speaker systems now feature a built-in dock connector for Apple iPads or iPhone sync and charging as well. Many wireless Bluetooth computer speakers also have built-in microphones to handle iPhone calls hand-free, or can remember pairing setups with multiple Macs and iOS devices.

For great sounding audio while you roam, there are a few options: Rechargeable and battery-powered portable audio systems. These may be analog or Bluetooth portable loudspeaker systems, or convenient USB powered speakers that deliver both pure digital stereo and power over a single USB cable. With USB powered speakers, choose well-known quality brand-names brands with sensitive, well-engineered driver cones to get the most volume from the limited 5 volts of power that a Macintosh USB port can provide.

Whether at home or on the go, there are a great sounding audio product that can please both your ears and wallet. Upgrade from the often tinny, and under-sized built-in MacBook or Mac desktop internal speakers – and hear what you’ve been missing.