Computer Speakers For Your Desktop – And More

Been pounding on my MacBook all night – Working on a website about computer speaker systems for Mac and PC users. Been doing alot of research and reviewing the best audio speaker options for desktop – and portable use. People vary widely in their sound requirements. Some really want top, pristine-quality audiophile speaker systems, others just want something inexpensive thats simply LOUDER and a little bit better than their laptop or netbook’s built-in speakers, on the cheap. Whether it’s full-range audio at your desktop – or compact portable travel speakers for music on the go – I’m building a site that has something for everyones taste, and budget.


Podcasting On A Mac

Been helping a friend setup a mini home recording studio with his Mac mini. He wants to do some YouTube videos so we started with a Mac HD Webcam to insure the highest image quality, a Logitech C910 which has stunning image quality and a stereo microphone as well! But for voice recording and podcasting, we needed a decent Mac compatible headset and it was a toss-up between Logitech’s very popular Clear Chat and one of Plantronic’s very nice mid-range models. With those to Apple audio and video accessories – and Garageband as part of iLife 09 that came bundled with his Mac mini, we’re good to go.

Hello To Apple Mac Computer Musicians!

Just getting started with my Apple music accessories blog here. More to come soon.